Lily Allen Discography Reviewed

Alright, Still is the debut album by English alternative singer-songwriter Lily Allen, released on 14 July 2006 by EMI.

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As of lately in my music player I have been listening to the total collected works of this is little gem: Lily Allen.  I found her somewhere in the last year and half in the airwaves and was instantly blown away by her. Unfortunately, I didn’t catch her name right away and soon forgot about her. (as what happens to me many of time when finding new music).
Her angelic voice just reverberated subconciousely in my head and continued to do so till I found out who she was and bought her two albums.  Anyone who knows Miss Allen, knows that even though she may sound angelic, but her material and content on the albums deserves a Parental Advisory sticker on the cover. She was a siren calling to me though and demanded my attention, so I gave in and founded myself pleasantly surprised.

Her debut album, Alright, Still is a wonderful effort by Lily Allen and so very different than other current female mainstream singers. It doesn’t hurt to have a cute British accent as she grooves, breezes and gets you singing along to her dynamic song selection. Not only is there a catchy poppy-ness that will sure to grab anyone’s ear, but Allen also delivers on ability to sing R&B as well.  This is shown throughout the album but especially on “Shame On You” and on “Friend Of Mine”. I would describe Lily Allen as a “Joss Stone on steroids with some serious bite to her lyrics.”

Because of language and some less than politically correct lyrics, Lily Allen’s content may turn some people off. Also, some of her songs may come off a little immature as she talks about a wide range of things; her lazy brother Alfie and his drug addiction, unfulfilled sex experiences, and use of the F’ word a lot more than the average diva.
That may deter some people to steer clear, but not me. Lily Allen is so versitile and likable that is it hard not to enjoy her music. She steps out from the crowd and isn’t afraid speak her mind. I haven’t heard anyone like her yet and think she’s in a class of her own. I like her sarcastic and charmful wooing and invite anyone who wants to hear a largely unknown singing talent, to give her a try. “Alright, Still” is the first step in a potentially great and long career. Overall Rating: A-

It’s Not Me, It’s You is the second studio album by British pop singer-songwriter Lily Allen. It was released in the United Kingdom on 9 February 2009 and on 10 February in North America.

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Ms. Allen second album is an interesting one to say the least and I’ll be the first one to admit I’m not sure how to grade this one.  What drove me to like Lily Allen to begin with was her refreshing musical beats and unique lyrics in how she expresses herself. I would very much call her a pop star but not with the same sort of disdain I would for most mainstream pop artists/bands. What she did on her first album was new, exciting and her straightforwardness was simply above and beyond what I hear on the radio usually.  She was blunt and honest, and I very much respect that personal quality.

The first two tracks off “It’s Not Me, It’s You” are what you could almost say was a continuation, transition into the rest of the album. Where fuzzy, warm, good vibe feelings come from her debut album, a darker side emerges on this album. You can tell this girl has been through a lot in her short time on Earth and you simply just empathize with her situation.  Her lyrics have more bite than ever as it seems she is vengeful to some of the people who have done her wrong in the past.

Lily seems to be looking for direction and self-realization in her music, but her doubts creep into a sort of circle of mystery around her. I’m not saying this seriousness is not a bad thing, but now instead of enjoying her music and talent, I wonder more about her and her well-being. This is not a bad album though, just sort of hard to wade through and listen to if you are expecting a more up beat and poppier Allen from her first album.
I was touched and interested in her one particular track, ” Him”, which talks about God.  She is asking questions that most of us have had probably at some point in our lives about the existence and thought process of God. ” Who would God vote for. Would He drive in His car without insurance?,  How does He feel people dying in his name, on airplanes, and more on how He needs to be clear in what He wants us to do if He exists. She is tired of being unknown to all this and just wants some sort of answer.
As a Christian myself, I find these questions are coming from a girl who really doesn’t know God at all and would be a lot better off in her doubts and life if she would come to know God. The fact that she asks these questions I think is a sign she is curious, but also that she is maturing and maybe her music will mature and get better as time goes on. I just hope she finds what she is looking for and that God answer her questions, concerns in only ways He knows best how to.

Again, this is a different album and I think requires deeper listening to maybe full appreciate Lily’s efforts. (As Weezer’s “Pinkerton” wasn’t really appreciated till years after its original release) Right now though, I think the passion and lack of direction is hurting this album. Overall Rating: C-


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