May the King of Pop finally be in peace

As the whole world knows by now, Michael Jackson is dead and with him goes the most sucessful artist in terms of records sold and money made over the course of a career. He was well known and in the media spotlight for over four decades of his life. Bred for stardom it seems, Mr. Jackson looks as if he never had a chance at what most people would call a normal life.  The media fascinated with him in such strange obsession, I believe, helped very well lead him to his ultimate demise.

Of course Michael Jackson made a lot of bad decisions in his life that helped lead to his demise, but I would almost argue he was in a lose lose situation to begin with. His family, especially his father, push Jackson 5 so hard to make it big and being an abusive father at that, didn’t add to family stability in Michael’s life. Once Jackson 5 were big time stars, it was evident that Michael being the youngest, most talented and the biggest draw for fans was destined and capable of bigger things than just Jackson 5.

Michael, as many predicted, soon got the itch to venture his own solo career and with Quincy Jones behind the scene, Jackson went straight to the top and beyond in popularity, records sold, and money made. Quincy Jones left Jackson to produce his own material after the release of Bad though and that was when we began to see the drop in album sales and beginning of the end of the Jackson monopoly.

The longer Jackson was in the spotlight, the more under the microscope he was. His behavior grew more and more excessive as he spent so much money on the oddest things, but it was also a sign he wanted to be secluded from the rest of the world. His skin began to lighten up over the years and through vanity or whatever reason, he recieved a lot of plastic surgery, especially on his face. His fascination with kids, mainly boys became the outcry to the public that something wasn’t right with him. Then in 1993, his first child molestation charges broke the news and he was forever changed in the hearts of so many as a child molester and danger to society.

After that, his career began to stumble and illogical behavior kept shocking us constantly in the news on what he did next. He ended up marrying and divorcing Elvis’s daughter Lisa Presley and divorcing within a year. Then he went out and recieved two kids through arrangements made, so he could be a father.  Until this year, no one knew what the kids even looked like as Michael hid their faces from the public when outside. Dangling his child outside a window carelessly earlier this decade, was the final straw for people in wanting anything to do with Michael Jackson ever again. He alienated so many people with his behavior, seclusion, public acts of absolute weirdness. His last album Invincible was a mere shell of how great and popular Jackson once was in creating music which people truly loved.

Did Michael Jackson lose his edge in creating great music or did people just not want to have anything to do with him anymore because of the endless child molestation accusations and total confused, awkwardness Jackson had now become in the media eye?

Next month was to be the much need comeback for Jackson and his downtrodden financial situation. He was going to preform 50 shows in 50 days and I believe they were all sold out. He needed this comeback to somewhat break even on all the mortages he had on his possessions, but hopefully to restore some of the lost confidence and bad feeling that has been following him for many years. now.  God only knows on how it would of all turned out and to think he might have another Thriller on his hands might be a little far fetched, but some redemption I would think more probable.

Whether or not Michael was truly guilty of those many child molestation charges is beyond me.  His behavior and out of court settlements points the direction of guilty, but I cannot say one way or the another beyond a doubt. He made a lot of bad decisions that cost him so dearly. He went to the highest of highs and the lowest of lows it seems as I just recently fought out about the drugs, alcohol and anorexia he put himself through. Was he suicidal? I don’t know, maybe.

All I know is that underneath it all I still sliently rooted in Michael Jackson’s corner that he could put out another decent album in terms of sales again and earn back some of lost trust and relationships he had with many fans and supporters over the years. It may have been a little beyond his reach h, but with so much against him, I just had to root for this major underdog.

God love him, wherever he may be right now. Thank you Michael for all the great music and performances. You really revolutionized the music industry in so many ways. Hopefully you find rest now from this life that put you through so many loops and turns.


3 thoughts on “May the King of Pop finally be in peace

    “Maybe it dies.”
    “Oh no”, a voice in my head says.
    “A star can never die. It just turns into a smile and melts
    back into the cosmic music, the dance of life.”
    “I like that thought, the last one I have before my eyes close”.-Michael Jackson-DANCING THE DREAM


  2. This last weekend, there a huge concert in Ventura County involving several bands that are highly popular with kids. This was a huge event that was attended by tens of thousands of people ranging in age from 10 years old to 50. The statements made by many of the band members about Michael Jackson were shocking, to say the least. Essentially, they all admired Jackson’s talent, but dismissed him as a pedophile, using much more colorful language than that. I think, as time passes, people will become less afraid to speak about Jackson in less adulatory terms, and they’ll be more honest about the despicable things he did in his private life. When you strip away all the glitter and entertainment skills, you’re left with a bizarre human being who operated outside the realm of ordinary people.


  3. As I sit here reading your comments, it strikes me that, in the end, we are all human with both strengths and weaknesses. In addition, I also think of how our animalistic and basic instincts become apparent when we lose one of our own. Each and every one of us with fall in either one of two categories (predator or prey). As a mental health therapist, I see this happen each and every day (although not on such a grand scale). The same people who say they care and love actually end up becoming the predator. Thus, consuming the life, innocence, and breath when given the chance. Michael Jackson was a person, just and you and I. To use an often used cliche’ his life appeared to an entire series of unfortunate events, culminating into a lifelong struggle to be “normal”. We take for granted our anonymity and ability to live life on our terms. Michael Jackson was never given the choice. His life and breath were offered up for fodder and fancy by his father and other blood-sucking human leaches. As a young child, he was forced to perform just as elephants are forced to perform in circuses. As he grew into an adult, he became was he was forced to become – an act to be viewed for all the world to see in exchange for a few dollars here or there. His genius did not allow for him to shy away from the fortune and fame which was sold to the highest bidder by his father. Michael Jackson will always be known as the King of Pop. To me, he will be knows as another lost soul left to defined by others, both in life and in the after life.


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