Creatures of the Night

The nights’ concern is known to only a few
When the city sleeps, they come out
Ever reaching they mass under the sky
Across the sky, deep into the depths of the silent forest

Operating in the shadows of the darkness
Watching, studying the unaware
Perhaps, watching you even

Does it bother you when they watch you
With their red glowing orbs watching you sleep
Click, Clack, Click, Clack

They tap on your window when they move,
For a better angle to observe you
Unconscious, vulnerable, susceptible to their inner desires

For the most part they just watch,
Rarely act upon interest
Till satisfied,
They depart back into the night
Wander the shadows till sunrise

When they conceal themselves
Out of sight, Out of light

Till night time when they reappear among the starless sky
Who knows, they may come visit you again
But don’t let that startle you from sleeping,
Because they’re mostly harmless….mostly


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