Wild at Heart (Book Review)

Wild at Heart by John Eldredge

I just read this book most recently over the course of a week (roughly) and I hope I can put into words somewhat at least, on how this book can be life changing.  This book has been on the shelves for almost a decade now and is well known in the Christian community as a book to read for men who want to live their life as fully for Christ as possible. But as Eldredge comments in the first few pages of his introduction, this book is also for women who want to know more about the heart and drive of a man more wholly. Myself, I started reading this book because I wanted a book of encouragement and sort of give me an “arm shot” to better understand and follow what my walk with Christ. I heard a lot of hype about this book years ago and knew it was one of those deals where yes you were going to read the book eventually and it would probably be pretty good, but not the sort of get up and go read the book right now sort of mentality. It came across my mind and heart to go buy however while I was at Barnes and Noble; so I figure I would take the plunge.

Few pages into this book and I knew it was going to be special. Like many exceptional books that I find myself captivated by, this one too had an aura about it that snagged me up immediately in the folds of its book spine. Eldredge, even though his is a strong man of faith and a minister, establishes credibility right away by talking about many of the important, critical failures of his life and how it sometimes took years or maybe a constant struggle even now to face and overcome them.  I always appreciate a person’s sincerity and openess about themselves, but even though I know all pastors, fathers, and ministers are humans, I forget at times that they have their own difficult personal struggles too. Eldredge not only talks about trouble with his marriage, corporate work life, etc, but also problems of people he has known over the years. It is important to mention the problems and the humanity of this book presented of the author because this isn’t a easy day to day guide to fix your life, but actual life experiences that show people who fall down, get back up and sometimes continually stumble in their path to become better Christians.

Eldredge’s format for the book was quite simple: spend the first half of the book talking about the problems and or “wounds” (as he calls them) men share/face and then spend the last half of the book on the solution(s) to solving and working on these issues. I do not know what else to say about this book besides check it out for yourself; it will not take you too long to read and hopefully it will embrace you as it did me. This is a fantastic book and I recommend it to any guy who wants to deepen their Christian walk with Christ. Rating: 10/10


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