Standing At the Door

Thoughts in time and out of season,

The hitchhiker stood by the side of the road and leveled his thumb,

In calm, calculus reason.

“Where are you going?”

After no response, question repeated.

The hitchhiker turns his head to the source of the question, sees nothing,

Says to himself the illusions, farces of human interaction,

are taunting him.

Then the air wisps by his ear,

Calls to him saying, “This is no trick to deceive, please respond”

“What, who are you?” cautiously asks the Hitchhiker.

Realizing with certainty he was no longer alone on the side of the road out in the desert basin,

He braces for the intruder who must be coming to harm him.

The Voice responds.

“You cannot see me, but you have no reason to fear me. “

“I am all around you, everywhere. Even now you can feel my presence.”

Right as those words were spoke, a cool, tender, gentle breeze grazed the cheek and body,

inviting  a more comforted disposition than before.

“Now please answer my question to your goings,” sounded the Voice,

With such magnitude, that it seemed to echo from the canyons themselves,

Miles away over the rocky crag the sun overlooked,

Great beacon of light and direction.

“I don’t know where I am going. Here I fare just as well as anywhere else.”

“It has been some time since I have seen someone out here in this vast, empty basin.  There must be a reason for your being here stranger.”

The Hitchhiker pondered over that statement.

There was no specific reason, or culminations of reasons that led him to this path.

“My path is not directed by any one reason. One day I decided to walk the earth,

Now that has led me here”

“Stranger, What do you seek?”

“What do you run from?”

“Who are you looking for?”

“I run from nothing, no one is waiting. I seek only a deeper meaning to life.”

“Stranger, what do you want answered?”

“Why am I here, Why am I so lost?”

“What is the purpose of my life, Is there a higher power?”

“Is this a world of tangible reality, or mere doors of illusion?”


Winds relent

Time is represented by a snapshot

The scene focuses to great clarity

“Son, the only doors are in your mind,”

“You are here because of love.”

“You are my greatest creation”

“While you recently searched for me, I have looked for you all your life.”

“Your place is with me.”

“With me, you’ll never feel lost, alone or unloved”

“Who am I?”

“Son, I go by many names”

“But you can call me Father.”


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