A World Without Heroes

It’s a good thing you didn’t speak up just then,

It was better overall you remained quiet,

Confrontation avoided is convenient, yielding.

Maintain the peace, live to fight another day.

What if  “That Day” never comes,

What have we accomplished?

Society so afraid to disagree,

Too afraid to offend,

Draw lines of difference

What will happen when remaining quiet strips you of all you cherish?

One by one they go,

Liberties, family, friends,

Your personal freedom.

When backed into a corner,

Its too late to act, revolt in conventional means

Violence ensues, people unnecessarily suffer,

Precious life lost.

As long as bellies are full every night,

Convictions and motivations subside,

Injustice still continues, well pleased,

Smacking his lips  and rubbing his hands,

Reveling at a job well done.


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