Test Drive #4 2010 Scion TC

2010 Scion TC

For years I have questioned not only the quality of Scion, but the staying power of them remaining in the car industry for any substantial amount of time. Being a off shoot of Toyota Motor, I had my doubts because everyone knows Toyota for efficiency and durability in cars, but to spin off a car company that is hip, cool and generated for people with lower incomes in the early 20’s, how would they manage that?

Now it has been well over 5 years since they have been on the scene and Scion is still around. I didn’t think till recently to take a look at one of their cars till my dad bought a 2010 XD model. He spoke much praise on this small car which I took with a grain of salt till I saw the interior and how the car handled in the terrible Iowa ice storm this past December. Scion looks too boxy and dorky though and I can’t see myself driving that sort of car. Some how I heard of a sedan model they had and checked it out online. The car seemed quite loaded for the price in what I was interested in and cut cost in areas I didn’t much care about.

I setup a test drive immediately.

The Scion TC doesn’t look terribly flashy but the inside does have quite a bit of room to put things in the back of the trunk with the foldable trunk. So already, for a two seater it has way more space than the Altima coupe. You kind of get the idea in looking at this car that it isn’t going to blow away anybody on the interstate in passing gear, but that this model of Scion offers a more sporty look than the boxier XD and XB models.  The interior though with options is pretty well equipped for a valued, lower ended car line. It is nothing flashy for seating with no option for leather, but between radio, moon roof and all the switches, this car is made for the younger generation that wants to remain plugged in with whatever gadgets they want to use. (aux port, ipod dock, cd changer, etc) I think this car shifted quite well between gears, but didn’t have a lot of get up and go on the interstate. Handeling was alright, but my biggest turn-off and what causes this car to be a non-buy is: blind spots. The way I sit up in the car, my knees are already touching the steering wheel so it isn’t comfortable to even sit in the car and drive distance. On top of that, the blind spot when merging left is unbearable and personally too unsafe for me to drive. With all that being said, I say this car is “The Great Almost” because if I could fit and see out of the car, I would probably put this towards the top of the list because the car fits what I want out of a car and is loaded with features I care about and I’m not paying for features that I don’t personally want. It is a Toyota product, so I know reliability should not be a concern here.

Out of a possible 50 points. (10 for each category)

Performance/Driving: Kind of a underpreformer, but shifts extremely well. Loved the drive outside of the blind spots and inablility to adjust the seat back more a few more inches for leg room. The blind spots are detemental to the overall drive. 5/10

Space/Room: Trunk space is plenty but again, not enough leg room. Just not quite roomy enough for my frame. 6/10

Appearance: Definitely not a knockout, but the best looking product Scion puts out. The sedan can be customized quite easily to bring out a sportier look but overall it is just another sedan rolling down the highway. 7/10

Cost: The reason why you look at a Scion. You get a reliable product with the feature you care about and customize it however you want. With the pure price, there is no haggling and I think the price is as about as reasonable as it gets.   10/10

Comfort: There is something to be said about how well these gears shift on the manual transmission, but I cannot see me driving this long distance: huge turnoff. Little more leg room and this car is plenty comfortable even though the seat could sit a little closer to the ground. 7/10

Overall: I feel like I have trashed the TC in this review, but I really liked the car and wished a couple of things could have been different on the car. Those couple of things, leg room and blind spot made this a unbuyable car at this point in time. I doubt they the newer model for 2011 offers much hope, but I’ll guess we’ll see what happens when it comes out. Total Score: 35/50


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