Beyond the Doubt

“Staring out in the horizon,

Seeking direction,

Pursuing meaning to it all,

What does it all mean,’

Is it the journey itself,

Or the conclusion of it,

That brings meaning to life,

Some look inward for answers,

Others look outward,

Where to place trust, What exactly to believe,

No matter the belief system,

There will be unknowns to us all,

How precious is faith,

To believe and trust when when none of it makes sense,

Having faith requires something more,

To trust when you have no control,

To believe in with uncertainity revolving around you,

So against human nature,

Which wishes to dictate everything,

A greater being, a father watches over us,

With understanding beyond our human frailties, imperfections, limited scope of being,

Oh how I long for the prospect,

To gaze into that crystal ball of the future,

Abba Father speak to me,

Reveal your mystery’s of life,

I seek you through all the discord, my frailty and sinful nature,

Be my Shepherd, my King,

Overwhelm me with your love, mercy and grace,

Everything that is me, is Yours,

Now and Forevermore,



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