” Let me see your boundaries,

Let me feel and know them,

I need to be aware of your boundaries,

Tangible ones are easy to see,

Emotional, spiritual however,

I’m blind in my intrusion,

Seeking first my needs,

Discarding yours with no respect,

But don’t you see I need you,

I’m dependent on you for help,

How could you be so selfish,

Put a limit on my request,

If you truly cared for me,

Truly loved me,

How could you say no?

I thought you were different, better than the others,

 I must have been wrong,

But you said you would be there for me,

Take care of me,

That must have been a lie too,

Does your conscience now betray you,

Does that guilt erode at your confidence, ability to think clear,

Can you say no to me now so easily

Forget it, I don’t need your help,

From the beginning,

Should have wanted to help me,

And you call yourself a Christian,

But unable to get beyond yourself,

Beyond your comfort zone to help me,

You need your space you say,


So you can forget me,

Move on,

Am I so awful, so undeserving,

That you can’t save me one more time,

I don’t need you,

You and your boundaries,

I’ll find another you,

One without boundaries”


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