Clark’s Lament

” To my MC,

How I miss you ,

Long to see you,

Hold you,

Kiss you goodnight,


My buddy,

My wondrous girl,

Whose energy rejuvenated me,

Whose silliness made me laugh,

Whose soul embodiment was love,


Lovable little girl full of charm,

Not a day goes by I don’t think of you,

Miss you,

I wish I never had to leave,

Never got a chance to say goodbye,

Explain my disappearance,

Explain why I could not go further,


Circumstance puts a wall between us,

For now,

I’m sorry I had to go,

Wish you could be with me,

Please forgive me dear sweet girl,

For may the future bring us together once more,


Until then I pray for you,

Think of you always in my heart and mind,

I love you Hannah,

Till we meet again,



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