Lesser of Two Evils

” Pick one party over the other,

Half the population is against you,

Pick neither or 3rd party,

Your apathetic or an extremist,

Many before and currently have served,

Defended our right to vote,

So we can have the right to choose,

Pick our leaders,

Representatives of the people,

Representatives of what?


Top 1 %, Ivy League educated, career politicians?

How does this represent us,

Relate to us, understand, who we really are,

Given the two choices,

Two people with bloated, over funded campaigns,

Discredit, insult each other,

Instead of focusing on the issues

At such critical times for our country,

No one wants to budge nor sacrifice,

Attention paid to what he said she said,

What happens when the music ends,

Collapse of the American Empire,

Who will be there to save us,

When we can’t save ourselves,

So vote the lesser of two evils,

Pray it somehow works,

May God help us all.


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