Test Drive #7 Ford Fusion 2011 Car Review

2011 Ford Fusion SE/AWD

A car that is relatively new, created within last 10 years (2006 was the 1st year) that took the country by storm. It’s car of the year at least once or twice and was up as a hyped up family sedan that was also a hybrid and didn’t look as lame as a Toyota Prius. (my apologies to Prius owners). Microsoft made the car computer system that controlled everything in the hybird, but also introduce its hands-free audio system named SYNC. A pretty sharp looking vehicle that had the new Ford style “Schick” blade grill, became a popular car that was reliable and rated very well in consumer reports. A great value indeed if you could get all the goodies and features, a loaded Fusion was right around the neighborhood of $30,000. (32-33,000 for the hybrid model). In a way, I think a strong case can made that the Ford Fusion became the anchor to get Ford through the tough times of the economy and through all the bailouts the car industry has had these past few years.

A car that at the time was out of my price range of low $20,000, but made me curious enough to test drive to see if my feelings would match the raving reviews it received. I test drove a AWD Fusion and I was satisfied and wowed from the get go. This car looks sharp inside and out and the dashboard looks like something from the future. There’s ample trunk space and under the hood looked like something I could actually get my hands in and around and do some basic maintenance on my own without having to take to a shop. So many cars now a days, looking under the hood, have no room for a person to reach around in between wires, radiator, engine block, etc or they have the spark plugs wires have the covers with all bolted down, adding more hassle to changing plugs. Although, not ideal since the Fusion’s sparks plugs are half hidden and a little tricky to get to, the Fusion is doable for the average car owner in most upkeep needs.

Now to the test drive……

For starters, you start the car and you aren’t even sure you turned the key far enough for the car to fully turnover to start but it is started and its smooth and quiet as it can be. The interior gauges and display looks like something from the future, very cool and very practical in the sense you can find and operate everything easily. With the Microsoft SYNC audio system, the controls to operate the radio, cd player and your mp3 player are right there on the steering wheel alongside controls for the cruise control, setup and display buttons to help you choose which you want to display on your speedometer from, avg. mpg, trip mileage, oil life and even run a car diagnostics if you want.

There’s no doubt that this car has got some grip and power with the V6 edition of this car. It zooms around and can get up in moving in a hurry as needed in city or highway driving. Plus the car handles tight for a sedan, not feeling like a boat in the open sea, darting in and out lanes passing cars. The turn radius on this car is quite well I dare say and although a sedan, this car feels just as sporty as it looks. Blind spots are minimal, which is a big plus in my book. This car is very comfortable in its drive and as a 6’4 person, I felt quite confident that this would be a great vehicle on a long road trip.

I really enjoyed this car and thought if I could afford it, I would love to buy American and buy the Ford Fusion. I enjoyed everything about this car inside and out. Ford really outdid themselves in making this car. Ford not only made me a believer in their company but also in a believer of quality American car once more.

Out of a possible 50 points. (10 for each category)

Performance/Driving: Exceptional, plenty of get up and go, handles well and is smooth as silk on the open road. With plenty of power to drive anywhere you would need to go whether it be in the mountains or cross country road trip 10/10

Space/Room: Even for a smaller sedan, it has great space, maxing out the most cargo capacity with great riding comfort. In the backseat that even I would feel comfortable sitting back there (Wow!) 10/10

Appearance: Its sharp, sporty and nothing about it I don’t like except maybe the “schick blade” air grill and fake plastic wheels may look a little cheap to the eye of the beholder. 9/10

Cost: With all the bells and whistles, being American made it competes within its class, but I would only want it with a V6, which originally put the car out of my price range as a mid to upper $20k car. 8/10

Comfort: I could sit anywhere in this car as I mentioned before and blind spots at a minimum, you are going to look good and feel good riding in this car. Very eye catching and pleasing to the senses overall. 10/10

Overall: This is a great car which in my opinion, absolutely lives up to the hype. This was by far the best car I had test driven so far being the most complete and yet very practical. Fortunately for me, my financial position greatly improved to the point I could afford this car and I bought the 2011 Ford Fusion SE brand new and have never regretted my purchase since. I fall in love with Fusion over and over again every time I get in and drive it. Nearing 50k miles, its running great with no problems and runs just as great as the day I bought it. A wonderful car and one I plan to keep for years to come. Total Score: 47/50


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