Watching Rome Burn

“ You believe people are so easily pacified,

So easily subdued,

Talking in broad strokes,

Pretending to act righteously,

Would appease the masses,

How naïve can you be,

How blind you are,

Rome is burning,

Crumbling at its foundations,

This empire,

Destroying itself from within,

Allegiance to no one,

Its people fleeing for self-preservation,

But you sit back and watch anyway,

Playing your violin as Nero did,

Secure in yourself,

Because in the short term,

All that matters is personal gain,

Only a matter of time,

It will be all be over,

Your empire lost,

Burned to the ground “


One thought on “Watching Rome Burn

  1. I love this post. Its just the way i feel about my country’s leaders..the world leaders who dont care. What inspired u, i wonder. Great one.


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