I Am with You Always

You showed me a purpose,
A life free of the worldly concerns,
That believing in you would change everything,
Everything did change for me,
Opened my eyes to,
Love, Grace and Faith,
If I believed in you,
You would speak on my behalf to the Father,
My sins forgiven,
Eternity with you in Paradise,

You warned my troubles wouldn’t stop,
In joining your family,
That if anything,
Troubles would only grow,
That people would hate me,
But to remember,
They hated you first,
You said, That I could do all things,
Through you,
Because you would empower me,
You came to this world for a purpose,
Serving others,
Sharing a message of peace, love, forgiveness,
Among so many other life lessons,
Sadly you said you had to leave this world,
Give your life as a sacrifice for my sins,
But by doing so,
You would overcome death,
Allowing me to be with you for eternity,
I realize Jesus,
That you didn’t just do all of this for me,
But for all of mankind as well,
You promised all of us,
Treasures in Heaven,
A life spent with Thee,
If we would believe in you,
As Christ, savior of man,
Born of the Virgin Mary,
Who lived a perfect life,
Died for our sins,
Resurrected on the third day,
We would never know death,
That we could pray to you continually for help,
Give our anxieties and burdens to you,
For the burden of your yoke is light,
For we would be sent a helper in the Holy Spirit,
That also you were preparing a place for us,
So we may join you beyond this world,
That as believers,
We could never be separated from You,
For you are with us always,
Until the end of time

One thought on “I Am with You Always

  1. Beautiful summary of that wonderful love affair between Jesus and us. I wish everybody could read this. It reads like a love letter which makes it personal and beautiful.


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