Enjoy the Silence

Where words are unnecessary,
Two shapes become one,
One in mind and spirit,
Words here,
Would only do harm,
Here with you in my arms,
Is all I have ever desired,
I would  not choose to be elsewhere,
Elsewhere would not be my Eden,
Elsewhere may take me from you,
A sacrifice I am unwilling to make,

Forgive my selfishness,
My undivided purpose,
I dislike interrupting this dream,
A dream come to life before my eyes,
But the world does not need us just yet,
Stay in my arms now,
Let us enjoy the silence,
For the days may turn into nights,
Concerns me not,
May time rescind it forward pursuit,
That we may have indefinitely,
An opportunity to bask in this afterglow,

One thought on “Enjoy the Silence

  1. This is so intense…that perfect moment that u’d do anything to make last forever. A la Sylvia Plath. It does have this aura of sadness, that these two lovers will be interrupted…that this afterglow will not last.thats what makes it so sad.


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