“Brave New World”


“In a faceless world,

  One where the communication platforms,

  Are social media and electronic means,

We have become impersonal, almost colder,

With applications such as Facebook,

Why do need high school reunions,

Why do we need to converse with neighbors,

New faces,

Turn strangers to friends,

Does the world need to know our every move,

Does it require us to Tweet our latest thoughts,

In our social media dominated world,

Via cyberspace,

 Have we lost ourselves to what is important,

 Has the need to know, need to share,

Need to be instantly aware and gratified,

Eroding at the qualities and or traits we hold dear,

Patience, privacy, anticipation, independence,

Can less……….be more still,

Does privacy still exist,

Will the world slow down,

How much exposure is too much,

Have the times, days of this age,

Already bypassed me,

Or am I one of a growing collective,

Rebuking the trend of social,

Media connectivity,

At least for me, much of me

Shall remain a mystery,

For I will keep the world’s probing to a minimum,

On my own terms,

In today’s Brave New World of ours

Once in cyberspace,

Shall it remain forever,

A lesson one should not,



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