” A Glance into the Crystal Ball”

” Is there a sixth sense about human nature,

  One that has an aire of the future,

  Where you can feel something is coming or not right,

 Where personal awareness, heightened senses,

  Almost give off a mystical property,        

  Foretelling the future

  Even if just in broad terms,

  Knowing significant change is just around the corner,


 Maybe it is the obvious,

 Maybe it is paranoia,


 How does one know which path to take,

 The path not taken,

 Unknown an eternal mystery,

Is it chance, fate, logic, reasoning, spiritual guidance, etc,

That leads us,

So do we roll with the punches,

Analyze and use clear rationale,

Act based on our heart,

Or simply pray,


Maybe a combination of all amongst other devices,

Again maybe,

It is just a feeling,

One that tells you if the timing is right or not,

Intuition of sorts,

Like animals who can sense danger, dramatic change in the weather,


Whatever it is,

It shall be revealed in due time,

For tomorrow always brings challenges,

As well as the unknown. “


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