The Consequence of Me

And finally a new poem to start the year.


Thank you for reading. Comments and feedback appreciated


” The consequence, The price,

In being me,

Not that I wield some great power or responsibility, but a perspective,


My Soul long for the commonality with others,

To truly feel accepted for who I am,

Not having to pretend or soften myself to the delights of others,

Often I travel this maze work of my mind alone,

While others think of more simple things,

They see me from the outside,

They see the mask I wear,


It is a consequence of extreme awareness, sensitivity, fear of the unknown,

Experiences from the past,

An ongoing struggle to not turn inward on myself in negativity,


I grow so weary of it all,

That I surprise myself everyday I get out of ed to face the new day,

Such personal burden to carry at times,

This battle of life,

Where no one gets out alive,


I guess what I want,

What I hope for is understanding,

Then with understanding,

Others could appreciate, empathize:

My daily struggle, My motivation,

Why I live life the way I do,


Based on The Golden Rule and most importantly,

Christ’s teachings and The Word itself,


For if they would only open their eyes, their mind


How I would love to open up to them my heart.”




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