Chicago makes the Hall finally

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has finally stopped its snubbing of a band long overdue for its supposed ” Great Halls of All – Time Greatness”. Chicago had to wait over 25 years and see lot of less talented, less-successful,  over-hyped, poor excuse for musicians/musical acts get inducted in their first year(s) of eligibility. This and for other reasons is why I think the RRHOF is a joke.

I could go through a laundry list of reasons on validating Chicago greatness as a band but I will bullet point a few things instead:

– Terry Kath

– Robert Lamm

– Danny Seraphine

– Jimmy Pankow

– Peter Cetera

– Lee Loughnane

– Walter Parazaider

James Guercio and Laudir De Oliveira deserve credit too for the band’s success.



Did I just list all the the members of their band and producer? Yes. Yes I did. That’s all it takes because these guys were all music, all talent and needed no gimmicks to sell themselves. No 10 inch leather heels, face paint, drugged out cult following, glam in glitter, or offensive in your face statement making calling out the wrongs of society.

I would easily argue Chicago as the most talented band in history. Over the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Beach Boys, Led Zeppelin, “name your band”. Steely Dan and Frank Zappa might be the only other groups that could rival Chicago’s talent.

Below is 15 minutes of Liberation to show you what the original Chicago was like. (not the Karate Kid soundtrack, 80’s power ballad band a lot of people remember them as) There is probably no other song that better sums up the band as a whole.



Terry Kath, guitar hero who was a better guitar than Jimi Hendrix (pointed out by Hendrix himself) Amazing talent who was the driving force of Chicago. Monster guitar player extraordinaire, masterful soulful vocalist who in my opinion, is the most complete guitar player ever.





Congrats Chicago for your induction finally in into the RRHOF. Better late than never in correcting what was a most egregious mistake by the Hall in leaving you out before.



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