Test Drive #8 Chevy Malibu 2009



I drove a Chevrolet Malibu for Driver’s Ed. Although it was an earlier model, I thought it was alright, nothing too flashy. Just a regular sedan, especially a low featured model seemingly made for learning future drivers such as myself at the time. There is now a 2009 LTZ model in my household now, so like my Ford Fusion, I decided I would review our Malibu now too.

Out of a possible 50 points. (10 for each category)

Performance/Driving:8/10  Luckily the specialized extended warranty save us from some costly repairs, but luckily they were more electronic feature based that didn’t impact underneath the hood of the car (electronic seat warmers, rear window lock).  Slower pedal response than I’m use to but this car handle interstate speeds easily and never feels like it is stressing itself whether it is city or highway driving. Handling is efficient as the car grips the car and doesn’t pitch too much zigging and zagging through traffic. I trust this car more in the snow and ice covered roads over my Ford Fusion.

Space/Room: 10/10 This is definitely a roomy vehicle for a mid-sized sedan. Trunk definitely is wider than the Ford Fusion and with the body just being a tad bit bigger than the Fusion, it makes the difference on being able to fit odd shaped items that might require a hatchback, SUV or truck bed otherwise. If you were moving somewhere and only had a sedan, I would say this would be the car for you. Plenty of storage space between cubby holes, armrest storage, glove department, etc. Adults should easily fit in the backseat for longer trips.

Appearance: 8/10 The Malibu has never really been a flashy looking vehicle and I can recall it looking more bloated and oversized through its design over the years. Finally though, finally Chevy starts to slim down this oversizing, making a slimmer and sharper looking model with this 2009 LTZ. Conservative changes to the front grill and snubbing up/ tugging the back end did a world of difference.

Cost:9/10 Bought new, this car would have been low to mid 20k range .For a new car, to get the a lot of features and still be under 30k easily before taxes/registration, that is a pretty good deal nowadays. (leather, sunroof, 6 disc cd changer,remote starter, traction control, power seats, satellite radio, etc)

Comfort: 8/10 Two-tone Leather Seats with built in seat warmers, remote starter makes for a nice comfy, cozy, warmed up and ready for you ride . However, due to my height, I find driving this vehicle long distance uncomfortable. I’m quite comfortable though riding in the passenger seat when I’m not fighting with the steering wheel bumping my knees.

Overall:  Understand that no one is bragging about their Chevy Malibu purchase but they are running it into the ground either. This is a solid car, the yeoman, “workman’s” car of the mid-size sedan that is running under the radar in the middle of the pack. The cosmetic appeal has definitely improved and the two tone interior is classier but simply put. People might be put off by its simple refined self, but its got the room and handles itself well in the snow. You are not going to go wrong with a Malibu, especially one that is this model year or earlier.  Total Score: 43/50


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