A Life in Pokemon Go

Purely a nostalgic decision from my childhood, along e-mails/chatting with my aunts reminding me of how much of a dork I was with all my Pokémon cards from junior high ( although a strong case could be made that I am still a dork today), I had to try out Pokémon Go.


My first obstacle was downloading the app. Technically my phone isn’t supported for the Google Play app so I had to download a bootleg copy off a mirror elsewhere. My first thoughts were, “ Hey this is pretty cool. I walk and then I see my avatar move on the screen. Then my phone vibrates and a Pokemon (Catterpie) pops onto my screen. Stumbling around in figuring out how to “flick the pokeball” at the 3D caterpillar, I eventually caught the bug after 10-15 tries and or “flicks”. This game comes with no tutorial or instructions so you or more or less learning on the fly, or in the this case “ on the walk”

Not long after I walked around, I experience what everyone who has played this game experiences: Server crashing and or GPS lost connectivity. This essentially means you reboot the game and hope it is not a long term duration server down problem or hope your GPS can be found now so you can get back to really important items……like catching imaginary Pokemon. At best, you may stay connected to the server when walking around for 20-30 minutes before GPS loses signal/connectivity. Best bet is to be stationary in a good area hopping with Pokemon and just stay there to catch them.

Nostalgia wore off quickly for me though with all the app’s problems and the fact the game is more like “Pokemon Zero, Diet Pokemon or Pokemon Lite” more than anything. At this time, you cannot battle Pokemon in the wild and have to resort to randomness  more or less in flinging Poke Balls to catch Pokemon. I never did figure out how to train your Pokemon at a team’s gym and always got destroyed when I challenged people at other team’s gym.

I didn’t figure out everything about the game nor did I have the where with all to try. At its heart, I think this is a very cool concept and believe it truly is a creative way to get people up and moving around outdoors. If the server/GPS connectivity worked a lot better, I would have probably kept the app since I’m walking and biking a lot more these days instead of running long distance.

Picking people out people outside playing Pokemon Go is super easy. You just look for people mindlessly staring at their phone, see them standing at statues or public landmarks they would have no reason to hang around otherwise, or hear them giggle and chatter when they talk about how they just missed a Zubat or caught a Squirtle.


Top Left Corner is Zubat(Bat) and Squirtle (Turtle)…….clever…..isnt’ it?

Please watch for people playing Pokemon Go because most likely they aren’t watching for you. Unfortunately they don’t restrict themselves to playing when just walking but play while driving vehicles or riding bikes. The world just got a little more unsafe while trying to “Catch’em All!”







One thought on “A Life in Pokemon Go

  1. Enjoyed your article. I felt I was with you getting it ready. Last night I was told that I had used up all my Pokémon Balls. Now, I have to track some of those down. I found directions how to retrieve them without buying.

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