Suicide Squad strikes out for DC Comics


suicide-squad-780x380.jpg   Opening night, the day has come that I have anticipated for Suicide Squad opening in theatres. If you saw my previous blogs on either Batman vs Superman or the preview of Suicide Squad, you would know that I was mixed on Batman vs Superman and was hoping Suicide Squad was going to be a much better movie. Trailers looked great for Suicide Squad and I was especially excited to see Jared Leto as Joker, Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn and how Will Smith would fit in as a bad guy.

Below are the main characters of the Suicide Squad itself. I will briefly describe my thoughts on each one, providing a letter grade for their performance.




Harley Quinn/Margot Robbie-  Harley Quinn was the character I was most excited to see and I was not disappointed. She was perfect! It was like the ideal image in my mind and what actually happened in the movie with the character was identical.(that rarely happens) Margot Robbie absolutely stole the show in this role. Grade: A+

El Diablo/Jay Hernandez- I like Jay Hernandez as an actor and this movie was more about the Deadshot/Harley Quinn Show than any other character so a lot of the squad fades into the background in scenes. I think he a good job playing a remorseful character, but was given some cheesy lines for humor/sentimental effect. I think there was more to develop here and kind of a shame Jay wasn’t used more. Grade: C

Captain Boomerang/Jai Courtney- I am still trying to figure out what this character was suppose to be about. He drinks a lot of energy drinks, makes some stupid quips here and there, has a weird thing for pink unicorns and doesn’t really seem to add much of anything to the Squad. I was not amused and didn’t care for Captain Boomrang. Grade: D

Joker/Jared Leto- Man of the Hour. The talented Jared Leto does not disappoint in his transformation, his preparation for The Joker. Perhaps a little a darker, little overdone, like they needed to outdo Heath Ledger’s Joker but still a very good, very convincing Joker I would like to see more of to fully decide my thoughts. Grade: B+suicide-squad-cast-photo-reaction-thoughts-and-theories-387364


Killer Croc/Adewale Akinnuoye Agbaje-  This is probably the most hardest role to review because he is all in makeup, speaks very little and has some significant CGI throughout the movie. What he does do, he does very well in adding some much needed humor with mostly well-timed one liners.  Grade: B-


June Moore and Enchantress/Cara Delevingne- Not a great villain, but not a bad villain either. I think June did a decent job of showing the conflict of the dual natures of her character but then again, this character was a lot of CGI. Enchantress doesn’t get a whole lot of screen time and I think lack of story hurts this character the most out of any of the squad. Grade: C-

Deadshot/Will Smith- Deadshot is a fun character. The guy is a gruff hitman who never misses a shot;  truly only having a soft spot for his daughter. I was curious if Will Smith was going to make this character darker to match the tone of a Joker, but he didn’t and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I still enjoyed Will Smith in this role but it was still Will Smith being Will Smith at the end of the day. Action hero who sounds off his displeasure at times with clever one liners and draws the audience to him with his natural charisma. Grade: B


Wrapping up my overall  thoughts of the movie (Likes and dislikes notated by + and -):

–  Too much Harley Quinn and Deadshot show, not enough character development elsewhere

– Cheesy and clumsy in some scenes (Common’s scene at the club with Joker in particular)

– Didn’t like the Sci Fi theme at all, Plot was weak

+ Soundtrack was good even if not too original, but good song choice

+ Margot Robbie was perfect for Harley Quinn

+ Jared Leto is a solid Joker

+ Some great imagery and good humor

I feel DC Comics needed this movie to be a home run to make up for Batman vs Superman and it didn’t come close. Movie just felt rushed and just didn’t generate any excitement for me after viewing. With so much talented actors/actresses, so much buildup for the movie; I expected so much more.I have more hope for Batman vs Superman turning it around with Justice League, Ben Affleck’s own Batman movie, etc; than Suicide Squad getting its act together.



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