The Master and Margarita Review

A most interesting book translated from Russian, author Mikhail Bulgakov, is my reading challenge entry for “Book Translated to English”. Definitely a different type of story; a satire based on Satan/The Devil himself coming to Moscow to wreak havoc in the 1930s on the substantial atheistic populace

This book being translated from Russian with different names that I’m use to hearing on a daily basis ( Nikolay Ivanovich, Archibald Archibaldovitch, Styopa Bogdanovich Likhodeev, to name a few), made it more difficult to keep track of the story line in who is doing what. Generally, this is not worth finishing the book for me but the humor and satire, dialogue between the characters; made me want to invest more time in re-listening/re-reading  to certain parts to fully grasp the story.


It’s not like the characters in the story are good, wholesome and are just getting picked on by the Evil One. No, they are a greedy, lying, cheating, infidelity laced bunch of people who getting a taste for all their previous misdeeds. This story isn’t all gore, murder and darkness, but goofy and filled with pranks, miscreants being set up to be caught by the law.

Even though I’ve had a hard time following the story at times, this is an exception on whether I would read the book again. I definitely see picking this up again in the future and enjoying it more after getting through the confusion of a first read through

Definitely creative and well written by Mr. Bulgakov.






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