2017 Honda CR V AWD Review

Test drive #2 begins with Honda CRV.  It is the #1 overall best selling SUV/Crossover for 5 years in row (as of Feb. 2017); an impressive feat for a car no matter its car class. I don’t know if the CRV is the first vehicle people think of when thinking about SUVs but it seems the one that they end up buying.

Either way, the draw to Honda seems to be simple enough: Honda has a strong brand name based of reliability, safety and great value compared to its competition.  As a previous Honda owner, I knew Honda CRV was always going to be in my top 3 consideration for a vehicle.

Now for the Test Drive…..


Out of a possible 50 points. (10 for each category)

Performance/Driving: Rack and pinion steering shines as this vehicle is very responsive to any touch when making turns. 1.5 L Turbo charged engine is smaller than previous CR V incarnations and though it may feel underpowered in acceleration to some, I think it is a worthwhile trade-off for its fuel economy (27 city, 33 highway mpg). CR V is even more responsive with its safety features in brake assist if coming up too fast on another vehicle. Impressive overall. 9/10

Space/Room: Amongst its peers in class, this car boasts the most cargo space. You don’t think it is very significant observing the overall size of the CR V but it is. Engineers created maximum utility in getting you the most room without compromising other features of this vehicle. I see the room/spacing nearly impossible to beat for what we are looking for. 10/10

Appearance: 2017 model brings about a new design different from the past 5-6 years and I say it is for the better. Wheels are now bigger, ground clearance higher, and the interior is more visually appealing. Its appearance has come a long ways since it’s boxier introduction model and it is all for the better. Button/switch/handle placement are very well designed and thought out by engineers. 9/10

2016 Honda CR-V

Cost: Well significant upgrades in 2017, it is hard to want to settle for a prior year model; especially when the price between a brand new CR V and a 2016 is a few thousand dollars. It makes it hard to justify buying anything less than a new model of this CR V, which unfortunately isn’t something we are looking necessarily to do. 8/10

Comfort:  There is nothing over the top here but it is quiet and rides very nicely. The “sensing safety features”, crash test ratings do bring a peace a mind. There is a lot of storage to put things and the placement of switches/buttons seems to be convenient, thought out with common sense. You are not hunting all over the dash to find the trunk release or adjust windshield wiper speed, etc. 9/10

Overall:  It is hard not too simply gush about this vehicle because there is really nothing significant I find wrong with it. It is the complete package for a SUV of it is class and I find it hard to think I am going to find something that stacks as well against the Honda CR V overall. Safety features, cargo space, affordability, fuel economy really put this vehicle over the top for me. I am biased as I am a believer in the Honda brand, but this really is a top selling SUV for consecutive years for many reasons. Total Score: 45/50



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