Movie Review of IT (non-spoiler)

“You will float too”

” They all float down here ”

Taglines from the new cinema remake of the Stephen King’s over 1100 page novel, IT.  Horror’s favorite clown, Pennywise, returns after a 27 year absence from his last major appearance in the tv mini series. (which coincidentally or not, every 27 years is when IT comes back to Derry in the book as well)  Although the movie’s YouTube trailer set records in viewership, Bill Skarsgard had Tim Curry’s portrayal of Pennywise to live up to. The movie had a lot of buzz and high hopes considering the movie technology advancements from the early 90s movie, bigger budget, ability to make a rated R movie more fitting of Stephen King’s vision and the fact that it was about 7 years in the making.

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X-Men’s Dark Knight Rises in Logan


Beloved X-Men’s Wolverine completes his trilogy with Hugh Jackman at the helm of this great character portrayal in this series. 17 years have past since Jackman appeared in his first X-Men movie (2000) and I think it is fair to say he ended on top of his game (if it is truly his last appearance as Wolverine). A nod to Patrick Stewart is warranted as well; as his Charles Xavier was something never previously portrayed this way as shown in Logan. Between Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman, I don’t think you could have casted their roles any better in the entire series. As much as I could gush about the star power that shined through Stewart and Jackman, the rest of casting was preformed wonderfully and that is something that is rarely seen.


The story line wasn’t ground breaking by any measure but still refreshing as we rarely get to see an entire movie about a superhero in decline, facing their own mortality. I thought Dark Knight Rises did this very well with Christian Bale as an older Batman, but Batman wasn’t endowed with the indestructibility, the superhuman power of a Wolverine, etc. I have always enjoyed Wolverine due to; his tenacity, outsider mentality, ability to getting up to keep charging toward the enemy with such ferocity and disregard for his own personal welfare.  We realize early in the movie that although though aggressive, “take no prisoner personality” is still there in Logan, his physical body is not what it once was. He doesn’t bounce up quickly anymore, his wounds take much longer to heal and every movement of his seems to come from a sheer sense of exhaustion mentally and physically.


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