Under the Radar Album 2016: William Bell “This Is Where I Live”

As the title suggests, I believe William Bell’s “This Is Where I Live” has silently gone under the radar this year and will more than likely receive no love from the Grammy’s or any other major award/magazine recognition this year. I heard a sample of this album on public radio and had to check it out.

76 year old (now 77 year old) William Bell put out his 1st major label album in over 30 years with “This Is Where I Live”. The first word that comes to mind when listening to this album is: refreshing.


12 tracks of wonderful blues music featuring an good cover of “Born Under a Bad Sign”. Bell’s voice is a perfect blend of smoky, soothing tones, complementing nicely the story telling element of his songs. Solid guitar playing, good mixture of upbeat and slower songs; I recommend this album strongly for new albums of 2016

4 stars




Weird Al in the Halls of Rock?

Weird Al has always been lurking in the background of pop culture, at the very least since the early 80’s. Every song he has released is either parodying the song itself or the theme of a particular artist/band.  He rose to stardom, winning Grammy awards for “Eat It”  and “Fat” parodying Michael Jackson.  Weird Al moved beyond parodying the King of Pop, out of the 80s to successfully parody Nirvana (Smells like Nirvana), Coolio (Amish Paradise), Don McLean (The Saga Begins), etc. heading into the 2000s. In the 2000s, Weird Al again made breakthroughs in his pop culture spin-offs of; Chamillionaire (White and Nerdy), Robin Thicke (Words Crimes), Miley Cyrus (Party in the CIA) showing off his talents as not only a singer, but a rapper who could bring out the best why it’s so cool to be such a nerd.
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