Blinko’s Identity Crisis

“  If I didn’t smile at you,

    If I didn’t joke with you,

   Or otherwise was the lovable clown to you,

   Would you talk to me?

   Would you ask what makes me feel blue”

   Would you dare to look beyond your own self to understand,

   Perceptualize what makes my smile,

   A frown,

  Or do I not deserve that merit,

  Receive the privilege  of your countenance in caring,

  Maybe I am just the puppet,

  For when I don’t do, don’t act,

  As my strings are pulled,

  I am assumed broken and put on the shelf,

  Forgotten about,


  And it is my fault,

  My strings to fix,

  So in the hopes that one day,

  I may entertain again yet,

  Entertain for you pleasure,

  This makes for one sad clown indeed.”


The Consequence of Me

And finally a new poem to start the year.


Thank you for reading. Comments and feedback appreciated


” The consequence, The price,

In being me,

Not that I wield some great power or responsibility, but a perspective,


My Soul long for the commonality with others,

To truly feel accepted for who I am,

Not having to pretend or soften myself to the delights of others,

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